They used something greater, and they exclaimed, “Let us control the stars!” And they became so great that they created life itself.

The Gods above have conferred upon the Dominion an extraordinary power: the Source. Yet only few are able to harness its energy. A society divided since the Dread Days clings to a relative stability that the Council of Five has been tasked to safeguard.

But now, the balance of power is threatened once more. Puzzling attacks leave villages destroyed, and two Council members are brutally assassinated. The Dominion struggles to avoid the violence, war, and terror it faced in prior centuries.

While following an eclectic cast of individuals, amid complex plots and counterplots, enter a medieval futuristic world, where the innocent and the corrupt, the wise and the ignorant, the strong and the weak, are challenged by myths and secrets of their past. 

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"A truly fantastic, exciting and intelligent work of fiction... A. J. Witt has a talent for creating worlds which we step into and perhaps never want to leave. A highly recommended read." --Readers' Favorite

"This story leaves a successful imprint on the reader's mind. The author has deftly delivered a bleak world that is both futuristic and medieval, but most importantly, brand new... The mystery that The Source: Origins is draped with is beautiful, incessant and masterfully delivered." --Reedsy Discovery